The True Difference Between Indica and Sativa Strains of Medicinal Marijuana

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There has been some controversy about the differences between Indica and Sativa over the years. Many companies marketing the two strains associate certain traits with them. For example, Sativa may be described as cerebral and uplifting while indica is described as sedating and relaxing. Although these qualities can be true for some people, each person’s experience with the strain will be unique. Also, many medical marijuana dispensaries sell hybrid strains, which can be even more challenging to label for use. Both Indica and Sativa can have beneficial qualities depending upon the symptoms your medical marijuana doctor is hoping to alleviate. DocMJ can help you determine if indica or sativa might be a good fit for your needs.Differences between Indica and Sativa, Buy cheap buds online, Buy cheap Indica strains, Buy cheap Sativa strains, Buy cheap medical marijuana

Physical Differences

Although they are both strains of marijuana, Indica and Sativa have different qualities. Indica plants are typically shorter with broad green leaves and thick stems. Their flowering cycles are short, and they handle cold climates decently. Sativa’s flowering cycles are longer, and they fare better in warm climates. Generally, Sativa plants are tall with narrow light green leaves. Because of the modern strains primarily being hybrids, you may encounter strains that are more similar to one or the other, but finding Sativa or Indica in pure form is much less buy weed online texas

Experiential Differences

Many patients want to know which strain will produce a certain effect in them. For example, if they want to sleep better, they may be wondering if indica would help them relax. In some cases, indica can be helpful for relaxation. Although we can look at the experience of a larger group and make predictions, the only true gauge will be trying one for a qualifying medical condition.

So…what is the true difference?

Since most marijuana you encounter will be a hybrid and you will likely have no idea which strains will affect you in what way, looking for a variety with traits that are indica-like or Sativa-like would be more valuable. You may not know what strain is right for you, but you can know what you hope to accomplish by using medical marijuana. Before you seek to find the right medical marijuana, evaluate your goals. Once you know what symptoms you need to manage, we can help you determine a strain to help.

If you are ready to experience a breakthrough with your symptoms, schedule a consultation with DocMJ and learn if you qualify for medical marijuana use.

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