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Kingpen Vape Pen. All Instructions and Review About the Kingpen Vaporizer 2021

What is the Kingpen vape pen?

The Kingpen vape pen is a vaporizer made in Kingpen labs. Kingpen prides itself on having the most advanced technology when it comes to preparing its oils. The oils are distilled five times to deliver the highest quality that has gone through stricter and qualitative tests and experiments to verify the quality. Kingpen Vape pen was founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, California. The pen has added proprietary blends of terpenes that are aimed at achieving the best flavours you could ever taste in a vape pen. The pen oils are certified and even from the experiment results, you can see that the pen does not have any additives to it.Buy kingpen online USA, Buy original kingpen online USA, Buy the best flavour kingpen online USA, How to buy kingpen online USA,Kingpen for sale online USA

Kingpen labs have ensured that they develop products with less failure rates. The pens have undergone proper engineering for the best smooth and consistent flows. In addition to this amazing feature, the pen has multiple voltage levels that can give you the freedom to control your heat settings from low, medium and hot. You also get a timed pre-heating feature that allows your oils to get adequate heating before you take a hit.

Using the Kingpen vape pen

The most amazing thing about the Kingpen vape pen is that the whole unit can be easily dismantled and you can at the same time put it back without so much hassle. You first need to unscrew the chamber from the 710 threaded cartridges then refill your oil into your cartridge then place it back.

You need to drop a few units of oil to saturate the coil before you put it back. To start your device, press the power button five times consecutively to start the pen.

If you need to take a draw from the pen, hold on to the power button and release it after each puff. This process has been specially designed to ensure that the coils maintain their temperatures for maximized and efficient heating. This gives your oils the opportunity to vaporize adequately and release a good amount of vapour.

After a vaping session, it is advisable to click on the power button five times consecutively to turn it off. Even though the pen has a cut off timer, it would help if you considered the safety of your pen by ensuring that it is always turned off.

When we head over to analyse the portability feature of the pen, you will realize that the pen has similar standard achievements as the others. The pen has a 12mm diameter that would be regarded to be somewhat shorter than the other pens.

The pen runs on an equally average battery but when you screw in your cartridge, you will realize that the pen gets somehow taller. This is because the cartridges are made to be taller than the other pens to hold more liquid. This pen could easily be fitted into your pockets and any backpack pocket you want to carry around.

We understand that for vaping needs, you will fancy a more discreet pen that will make things better for you.

Features of the Kingpen vape pen

The vape pen has won many awards beginning with its super design cartridge that holds a good amount of oil. Here are some of the most significant features that you will get from the pen.

The pen has a unique coil technology that is designed to give you the best quality of vapour production
The pen has been designed to be simplistic and small to make it easy to use
This pen introduces the most unique 710 threading connection for the cartridges that makes it only compatible with the Kingpen cartridges.
The heating chamber has an increased surface area to increase the efficiency of heating
The pen can be optimized to give good vapour when it is set to work on lower voltages.
The temperature control system works perfectly to maintain a good vapour consistency
The coils on the Kingpen cartridges are designed to manage to vaporize higher viscosity oils

Performance of the Kingpen vape pen

By taking to account the strength of the vape pen battery, and also considering that is equally assisted by the supercoils with an adjustable coil system, you will resale that this pen uses cutting edge technology to achieve performance. The pen can take the shortest time to build vapour and it makes things even simpler.

The taste of the pen is very tasty and the smoothness makes it even long-lasting. The flavour production is consistent throughout the session and you will appreciate this feature more.

The ceramic coils technology that has been used to enhance this vape device has managed to keep the temperatures producing good vapour at the lowest temperature settings.

You are guaranteed that the pen will give you a superior taste that sufficiently embodies the flavours and taste of the oils. You also get to feel the aroma of the high THC oils. The airflow system of the Kingpen can be adjusted and allows you to customize and set your vapour intake to release big clouds from each draw you take.

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The glass chamber also allows you to track how much oil is left in your cartridge making you know when you need a refill.

When you decide to get yourself a Kingpen vape pen, you are sure that you are getting a top-class experience. It is even better than this vape pen did not choose to follow the performance style of most vape pens we see around. The pen comes fully charged so if you want to use it straight away, you can just screw the cartridge onto the battery.

The package also has a USB charger that will come in handy when you need to recharge your vape pen. When you have to detach the pen, you will realize that the process is straightforward and the mouthpiece is already mounted onto the oil cartridge.

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The battery does a perfect job to help you atomize your pen to give you smooth vapour that brings out all the flavours that are laced in the oil. The coils are additionally using smart technology to prevent burnt flavours or dry hits. Similar to other pens, you need to refill your tank at three quarters for efficient airflow and vapour build up in the pen.

By comparing the strength of this pen to others, you will realize that there are some advantages and disadvantages to each pen so you do not have to be fixed on what you want.Kingpen for sale online USA

Pros and cons of the Kingpen vape pen


  • The pen has a strong battery that needs to vaporize the thick oils
  • The pen has a preheat feature that heats the oils prior to your vaping session when you turn it on
  • The ceramic coil heating chamber does a good job in providing efficient heating on the coils
  • The pen has a temperature control feature that ensures you get consistent vapour production throughout a session
  • The pen comes with a standard USB charger that can charge your pen in under one hour
  • The airflow system of the pen can be controlled to give you maximum control of the pen


  • The 710n threading cannot allow the battery to hold other types of cartridges unless they are from Kingpen labs
  • The pen has a poor quality hardware

Alternative vape: UPENDS

The UPENDS Uppen plus utilizes the signature Etchip coil that was first used on the Uppen. Thief’s superior coil technology will ensure that you feel the amazing taste of the Uppen plus.

It delivers a fresh taste that is original and smooth. The first puff will guarantee you satisfaction. The Uppen plus has a metal cap that is effective in protecting your e-liquids from exposure to air that would cause oxidation.


From the Kingpen vape features analysis, we are sure that this pen is a performer. It has a long list of accessories, such as the quartz coil, built to preserve the flavour and aroma of the concentrate.

With its powerful battery, you are sure that you will get some fantastic vape sessions that are full of flavour, with comfort, efficiency and convenience. This pen is a great value device if you need quality. Buy original kingpen online USA,Buy the best flavour kingpen online USA,Kingpen for sale online USA



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